The Reflector

This is a location where I find the peace in most cases when I need to put through my thoughts.
I need to sort things out in my life. I have made so many decisions in my life while I took pictures of the power lines on the corner of Finch&Dufferin area, close by to where I live.

City Night - Looking up

Vision is not what you see it, its also what you can see, what you can discover

Two Continent

Two continent, one bridge and lots of cultures together... Istanbul

the sea was burning

the sea was burning, along with the sky. I looked up, and down... it was all about the red and its combination colors

the blue sky...

the sky was blue clouds were white and the earth was its own natural color...

the machinery

this was an old machine that used to be a part of a brick factory in Toronto taken at the Don Valley Brickworks, one of my favorite please to photograph

a small part of skydome

darkness will take you

the darkness will take you, if you are in the first car on subway

toronto skyline

Toronto Skyline has many different views, and they are all stunning this is one is particularly one of my all time  favorites , as it gives me the feeling of a painting

city lights

the lights that keeps us awake, the lights that gives us a brightness and the lights that creates such a beauty in the city

old man

life is passing by in front of us sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes the time is not aware of us. I really enjoy street festivals, tasting different food is not the first priority for me though. Meeting with new people on the stands, or even just people-watching is so much fun, plus i get to take lots of pictures.   This picture also reminds me the famous song Old Man from Neil Young.

self portrait

one of the first self portraits with my Nikon D50 with 50mm f/1.8